Where building-wide connectivity meets operational efficiency

Data centers are at the core of every business—where information and technology meet, enabling development and delivery of new services and new innovations. As technology expands, gathering and managing big data presents huge challenges and opportunities.

More and more data center energy managers and operators are turning to VYKON's data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions to help them drive results in reliability, redundancy and energy efficiency. Our solutions include:

DCIM Facility: Providing real-time insight into environmentals, energy consumption and cooling to improve power usage effectiveness.

DCIM Rack: Our vendor-neutral solution for integrating and managing mission-critical equipment.

The power of real-time insight

VYKON DCIM tools focus on factors critical to building a competitive advantage: operational efficiency, reliability and uptime, and energy management. Our flexible, fully customized DCIM solutions feature:

  • Detailed insight into your operations enterprise-wide to help drive operational excellence and improve uptime and reliability
  • Advanced visualizations and analytics that let you see and control your environmentals, energy consumption and cooling in real time
  • Tools that help you predict and analyze trends, identify opportunities to improve efficiency and increase ROI, and produce specific and customizable reports