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VYKON Integrated Analytics:
Data-driven performance

First introduced in 2014, VYKON Integrated Analytics is the only data analytics engine built on Tridium’s industry-leading Niagara Framework®. 

Niagara 4.2 includes integration of VYKON Integrated Analytics 2.0, which takes the robust analytics capabilities of Niagara 4 to a whole new level. Together, these releases bring the benefits and efficiencies of data-driven performance to users. 

VYKON Integrated Analytics 2.0 can be utilized locally using real-time data in an embedded controller such as the JACE® 8000 for energy optimization, or for data analysis using historical information you’ve already saved, making your staff more effective and your buildings more efficient.

Every Niagara 4 Supervisor and JACE 8000 base license will have a base option of VYKON Integrated Analytics 2.0 with all features and functionality of the product, and 25 analytical points. 

Key advantages:

Pre-existing analytics data model
Design time reduction by leveraging the Niagara 4 entity model

Defined base algorithms library
Variety of predefined algorithms provided
Building blocks for custom algorithms

Intuitive programming
Familiar Niagara Framework wiresheet programming

Real-time, on-premise analytic control
Full analytics functionality on embedded controllers such as JACE 8000s
Supports real-time energy optimization

Automated control strategies
Advanced alarming
Fault detection and diagnostics (FDD)

Powerful visualization
User-specific dashboards


For more information, download the VYKON Integrated Analytics 2.0 brochure and data sheet