Tridium Videos

Preparing for Niagara 4

Tridium product marketing specialist Emily Weisensale and senior product manager Jonathan Rodriguez review what Niagara Community members need to know to be ready for the launch of Niagara 4.


John Sublett on Niagara 4 as a platform for innovation

Tridium CTO John Sublett reviews how Niagara 4 is both a transition from Niagara AX and a foundation for innovation going forward.


Nino DiCosmo on Niagara 4 and the Niagara Forum

Tridium President Nino DiCosmo talks about what Tridium has been up to over the last year with Niagara 4 development and beta testing.


Niagara: Powered by Possibilities

With the open internet of things and Niagara, buildings are more efficient, data centers are optimized, industrial plants are improving quality and precision, and city infrastructures are connected and smarter. Prepare to be Powered by Possibilities.


Geist Case Studies

Learn how Geist has built upon the Niagara Framework to develop real time monitoring and alerting solutions for operational awareness in data centers.


Raleigh's Smart City, powered by Niagara

Learn how the City of Raleigh is leading the way in connecting systems with the Niagara Framework to make smarter decisions within their facilities and operations.


Why Build It When You Can Build On It

The Niagara Framework connects different components, operating systems and applications and allows devices and protocols to integrate into unified, smart systems. By using the Niagara Framework, you drive connectivity, integration and interoperability while simplifying complex distributed applications.


Today, Niagara is everywhere, meeting all the challenges of real world integration and ensuring complete interoperability among facility systems and devices.

Niagara Changes the Way

Niagara has changed the way devices connect, integrate and interoperate with each other and the enterprise.

Did You Know...Technology & Innovation?

Did you know that modern technology and innovation aren't always as modern as they seem?

Did You Know...Energy & Sustainability?

Did you know that energy conservation dates back to 1885?


In times like these, we need to ask ourselves, what technology can we really trust to handle the challenges of the enterprise?

An Intelligent Building

Meet the complex challenges of real world integration, NiagaraAX ensures the interoperabilty of diverse systems and devices.

Smart Home Technology by Tridium

Live Comfortably, Save Money.

Pacific Controls Headquarters Case Study

Pacific Controls Headquarters is Dubai's first green building and one of the most intelligent buildings in the world.

Connect, Unify, Manage

Connect, unify and manage web services and smart devices with the Niagara Framework.

Niagara in Action

HVAC Concepts demonstrates NiagaraAX on an Android 2.2 smartphone.

Video courtesy of HVAC Concepts.