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Total control in real time

Since 2005, Niagara AX has blazed a trail for internet-enabled automation and control solutions. Currently used by thousands of businesses around the world, Niagara AX integrates diverse systems and devices—regardless of manufacturer or communications protocol—into a unified platform that can be easily managed and controlled in real time using a standard web browser. Niagara AX is an extensible platform that supports the rapid development of device-to-enterprise applications and internet-enabled products.

As we've moved into the next generation of our framework—Niagara 4—we've built upon the successes of Niagara AX in BAS, industrial manufacturing, data centers and smart cities through stronger partnerships with our vast network of independent distributors and systems integrators.

Tridium is committed to supporting the final long-term Niagara AX platform. Niagara AX 3.8u2 has been released with VYKON Enterprise Security 2.3u1. This update resolves issues both with Windows 10 service pack updates changing Host IDs and server modifications made by the National Weather Service, and addresses defects with the Java Applet.

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