January: Tridium's Developer Program - What's New in 2014

Learn about the program resources and how it can help you strengthen your developer skills.

Tridium’s Developer Program may be one of its best kept secrets, but no more! Tridium’s Jason Spangler, Software Engineer and a member of Tridium Professional Services team, reviewed the Developer Program highlights. During the sessions, he will covered:

  • Tridium’s extensive selection of online tutorials
  • Code samples that will help you further your developer skills
  • Additional enhancements to the Developer Training Program
  • Developer Support Agreements – why you want this
  • How to become part of the Tridium Developer Program

Jason also reviewed the capabilities of Tridium Professional Services. TPS offers expert consultation to customers through its Developer Consulting program, creating customer Niagara based drivers and applications to get our partners to market faster. Learn more about the services that TPS offers and how you can take advantage.

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