November: Getting Started with Program Services

The November TridiumTalk provided an introduction to the Program Services feature in Niagara. This session focused on the Program Service’s feature that allows users to create customized components. Les Newman, a member of Tridium’s Technical Support team, led this session of TridiumTalk.

In this session, Les showed how to configure a program object in Workbench and how to use the Robot Editor. TheProgramModule was demonstrated and a module was created (containing programs) that can be used to handle versioning. Additionally, Les showed how to modify the program templates in the Program Module. Questions and answers time will concluded the session.

This session is targeted for those who may have not used the Program Services module before, but all levels are welcome to participate and encouraged to join in the TridiumTalk.

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October: Selling Niagara – Best Practices

With almost 400,000 instances installed globally, the Niagara Framework® has become a de-facto industry standard for integrating facilities on a common software platform. Getting the property owner to say yes has become easier but you still need to sell the benefits of the intelligent integrated building.

Join Tridium for this month’s TridiumTalk, as our experienced sales team reviews best practices for getting to yes when selling Niagara. Our experts will discuss the key benefits of Niagara and tie them into features of the software. After this session, you will be able to demonstrate why the Niagara Framework is the solution for most integrations.

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July: The JACE-3E controller - Perfect for small facilities and remotes sites

July's TridiumTalk reviewed our recently released JACE 300E controller. We discussed how it is ideal for smaller facilities and remote sites, as well as useful for distributing control and monitoring in larger facilities. The JACE-3E controller will also be Niagara 4-ready when the next generation of the Niagara Framework

Tridium Product Manager Mike Westerfield discussed the features enabled on this new JACE® product, as well as some of the benefits users will realize with installation and use. Highlights will included a discussion on the new features including battery-less operation, data recovery and power monitoring.

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June: Keeping Niagara Systems Secure – a two-part series

Part 1 – Niagara Security Part 1 focused on basic Niagara security concepts. Led by Tridium’s Global Training Manager, Gerard Huff, this session reviewed important basic information intended to keep a Niagara system secure. Topics covered in his session included:

  • Intro to Niagara security
  • Changing default credentials
  • Using strong passwords
  • Utilizing account lockout features
  • Password expiration and history functions
  • Disabling default Admin and Guest accounts
  • Recommendation to use SSL
  • Recommendation to use Secure Communications (VPN/RSAID)

Due to an error in recording, we are unable to present a integrated presentation/audio session.

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Presentation recording with Niagara station demo
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Part 2 – Niagara Security Part 2 focused on more advanced Niagara security concepts. Bill Smith, lead software engineer for security development, led Part 2 of this discussion. Bill has worked for Tridium as a software engineer since 2000 and is the lead developer of many of the security aspects in the recently released Niagara AX 3.7. Highlights for Part 2 include:

  • Intro to connection security
  • SSL connectivity
  • Niagara certificate management
  • VPNs and other secure connections

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April: LonNetwork – Planning and Diagnostics

In this recent TridiumTalk, Kevin Williamson, technical support manager, provided a brief review of Lonworks Networks’ integration the Tridium way. In this session he covered:

  • Learning how to use the built-in tools to diagnose
  • Solving potentially complex LON installation issues
  • Proper configuration when the station is not used to manage the Lonworks network

Tridium offered two sessions of this TridiumTalk. Click on the link below to access webinar recordings.

Listen to the Tuesday, April 2, presentation
Listen to the Thursday, April 4, presentation

March: Migration from R2 to Niagara AX 

After June 30, 2013, no more new projects based on R2 will be allowed. by the end of 2015, Tridium will no longer repair, replace or provide technical support R2 products.

Attend the March TridiumTalk and learn about the transition plan from R2 to Niagara AX and how you can best prepare for the impending transition. Join Rick Weisensale, Tridium senior product manager, as he reviews the best way to transition from R2 to Niagara AX:

  • R2 End-of-Life timeline
  • Advantages of Niagara AX over R2
  • New platforms supporting both R2 and Niagara AX
  • New R2 “Like” platform tools in Niagara AX

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