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Vykon Edge Controller 10
Vykon Edge Controller 10

VYKON Edge Controller 10: IP-Based IO Controller

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VYKON Edge Controller 10 (VEC 10) is a 10-point IP-based field equipment controller that runs Niagara 4 at the edge. By leveraging the Niagara Framework, VYKON Edge Controller 10 offers a single-tool infrastructure, the ability to create smarter, more efficient systems, and world-class security. Like the JACE 8000, the VEC 10 incorporates internet connectivity, robust web serving capability, advanced integrated control, data logging, alarming, analytics and trending into one package. Here the package is streamlined and cost-effective for common IP control use cases. A Niagara-at-the-Edge approach is ideal for situations where there a limited number of points involved such as in the control of roof-top air handlers, fan-coil units, and other equipment. The VEC 10 can be used to economically address the challenge of extracting operational data from buildings without building management systems, like small retail facilities and k-12 schools. The ACE engine built into the VEC 10 provides a deterministic engine and fast start up to control time that can be programmed via wire-sheet. You don’t need to learn a new tool to:

  • Quickly build your network: Add many units with ease using tools designed for configuring and managing a field of edge devices in a manner that minimizes overall installation and configuration time.
  • Easily manage and deploy many devices: Edge devices typically have a single purpose, with multiple devices serving the same function. Use Niagara to create application templates and deploy to multiple devices with specific properties unique to each device.
  •  Keep your network secure: Security is always critical, but implementing it across numerous devices on a network can be tedious. Tridium has built tools that assist systems integrators in provisioning and managing security settings across devices.

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