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Vykon Partners
Vykon Partners

VYKON Partners

The Power of Partnership

VYKON has aligned with industry leaders globally to market, install and support products based on the Niagara Framework®. The delivery channel for Niagara-based products exceeds 400 outlets, consisting of global leaders in building automation, energy services and world-class independent system integrators. This translates to sales and support where it matters…locally.

VYKON products are available through a network of VYKON Systems Distributors serving VYKON Systems Integrators across the globe.

VYKON Partners

Partner Channels

(VSD) - VYKON System Distributors distribute Tridium VYKON products to VYKON System Integrators. VSDs also provide engineering, programming, technical and training support to VYKON System Integrators. VSDs maintain a staff of highly trained and certified engineers to help implement and support complex integration projects at a local level.

(VSI) - VYKON Systems Integrator is an independent business entity that has made a commitment to distribute and support Tridium's VYKON products. For a VSI to become certified and authorized to support VYKON products, they must successfully complete our rigorous certification class. Tridium has over 300 VYKON Systems integrators worldwide, providing you local support.

(VER) - VYKON Energy Resellers are a VSD or VSI that distribute, engineer, program, and support Tridium’s advanced suite of energy monitoring and analysis products. VYKON Energy Resellers are trained and certified to integrate Tridium’s VYKON Energy Suite (VES) into new or existing Niagara Framework projects.

(VSP) -VYKON Security Partners distribute, engineer, program and support VYKON Security, the advanced, web-based, Internet-enabled access control and intrusion detection system.  VYKON Security Partners are trained to integrate Tridium's VYKON Security into new or existing Niagara Framework Projects.

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