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Software Maintenance Agreements
Software Maintenance Agreements

Software Maintenance Agreements

Cover Your Niagara Deployment with SMA

The Niagara Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) is designed to assure access to the latest Niagara Framework® technology and cyber security patches. Systems Integrators (SIs) and other service providers overseeing Niagara deployments are better able to update their projects in a timely manner when their customers are covered by a SMA. SMA is another tool they have to work effiently, spending less time on back-office tasks like licensing and more time for high-value activities that call on their expertise in diagnosing and fixing operational issues. Once they have the assurance that Niagara 4 instances are up-to-date through SMA coverage, Niagara SIs are positioned to move forward fast on achieving their project goals by leveraging the newest Niagara 4 features and enhancements in all of these categories: 

Plus, Backup-as-a-Service is offered with every Niagara Software Maintenance Agreement. When this option is activated, your data is securely backed up and encrypted to our private cloud, so that you'll have assurance that the most current copy is retrievable in a disaster recovery scenario.

What do you get with a SMA?

  • Access to newest technology
  • Easier asset management
  • Access to Niagara Analytics upgrades
  • New and updated drivers
  • Cyber security updates

Niagara Asset Manager

Manage Niagara licenses via this cloud-hosted central console offering a single view of all Niagara instances across a large deployement, regardless of the brand or company that did the installation.

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