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Niagara Cloud Suite™

A Scalable Cloud-based Solution

Niagara Cloud Suite™ is a scalable cloud-based solution that provides secure, remote building management services. This offering provides new integration, connection, and deployment capabilities, building on Tridium’s current model of open and extensible integration with devices, services and applications.
Leveraging the Niagara Framework®, Niagara Cloud Suite offers a trusted, secure source of building data that can be used with the analytics platforms that best meet a customer's needs. Access secure storage of historical trend data and a centralized view of assets for improved reporting and analysis. Remotely access, configure, and engineer Niagara Systems with Niagara Cloud Suite.

Niagara Cloud Suite Prerequisites:

  • Niagara Framework - supported versions
  • Active Software Maintenance Agreement


Niagara Remote™

Niagara Remote™ is a new service from the Niagara Cloud Suite™ that addresses the need for remote access to Niagara Stations. 

Niagara Recover™

Niagara Recover helps Niagara Framework® users safeguard their deployments from data loss. It maintains a current copy of Niagara station data in the event of a planned or unplanned outage that would otherwise interrupt operations and/or continuity of data collection. 

Niagara Data Service™

Now available in the United States, Niagara Data Service is a SaaS offering within the Niagara Cloud Suite. It builds upon the openness and extensibility of Niagara Framework® to support the systems integration and solution development services of our partners, as well as the strategies and software choices of end-users.

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